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Default Tuesday 01.19.10

Sleep - 10ish hours

Last night I was feeling really sick and this morning I woke up and just felt like utter crap. Fortunately I didn't have work today (do have to work tomorrow through Friday though), and I've spent most of the day just taking it easy. I took a 2-3 hour nap this afternoon and I'll probably end up getting around 8 hours of sleep before work tomorrow. I've been downing a bunch of tea, oranges, etc. Didn't work out today and I probably won't for the next 3 days (I spend 15-16 hours working on my work days). I'm hoping I get better by the time I wake up... if not I'd call in sick, but there's been a lot of issues of people calling in sick that aren't which results in a sick check (especially when it's after a string of days off) and I'm not particularly interested in letting a superior evaluate my health to determine whether or not I should be calling in sick. If I'm still not well by tomorrow I might just struggle through work then take Thursday and maybe Friday off as sick days.
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