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The plan for now:

While it seems like training ADD it's not! I promise! Heh, in all seriousness this last week I didn't worry too much about training just focused on my new job and if I trained I trained. I've been flip flopping on whether I was going to stick with 5/3/1 for now or going to do a more intense weight losing cycle first. It looks like the holidays just took a bit to catch up with me but now, ugh I'm probably at 15%+ BF, I'd swear like 3 weeks ago I was sitting below 15%. This week my diet has been pretty dialed in and I'm going to start tracking my IF schedule again as well this week I've been doing pretty well with 14-16 hour fasts.

I'm going to give this 6 week Sprinting for fat loss program a go it wsa a new article from T-nation this week and I think it fits my schedule pretty well right now.

After this 6 weeks then I'll head back to 5/3/1 to get my numbers from horrible to average! Heh.
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