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Oh yeah! Dan John's lift then RUUUUN drill. Those suck, but they're great.

And the whole thing about changing positions is great too. Okay... I think I kinda have an idea about how to train in addition to my O-lifts.

To hijack my own thread here... I have a weight question.

Right now, I'm 195. (First time in 3 years I'm under 200 and I feel great!) I don't know that now's the time to really be trying to LOSE weight, but at the same time, I'm wondering what, if anything I should be doing... Truth be told, I probably should never be less than 170. I was like 15% BF in college and was 165. I think that's too small for me realistically...

Anyhow, while I'm not asking if it's okay for me to down a pint of Karmel Sutra every night, I am wondering if I should give up my restricted diet thing... Football season's over for us the last week of June.

What say ye?
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