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Originally Posted by henry whitaker View Post
I'm trying to use them to develop explosive power. Sure, I'd like to get good at them, but I don't think I can spend more than one or so days a week training C&J and Sn respectively and recover from everything else I'm doing. I've seen some Oly periodization templates on their own, but they seem to be for people who just pretty much care about increasing their oly totals.

What interested me about the template you proposed is that it seems like a way to periodize for the slow lifts while maintaining GPP, hopefully with the goal of making slow steady gains in strength, which is just fine with me. I was just asking whether you (or anyone else) had a suggestion for a template that will do that for the oly lifts too in the context of the type of program you propose. I am a recovering CrossFitter and trying to get away from the "do random workouts and hope it works" approach to training.
If you don't care about your oly numbers themselves, there are lots of ways of developing explosive power besides the olys which may require less technique work and total time and effort. For example, I don't think the snatch is that functional in ways, since it demands so much specialized technique work to get it right. Obviously a snatch demands explosiveness, body control, etc, but if I want to develop all those qualities, would it be faster and easier to do it by getting my snatch to X# or by getting my speed squat to Y# at high speed, or my power clean+push press to Z#? This is a question you have to answer for yourself. Personally, I don't think I'll be doing snatches, except when a meet I want to be in is upcoming, for a while. They just require too much technique time to get right. Think about speed squats and DLs, power cleans/snatches and push presses as opposed to the classic olys, or the explosive strongman movements. Or maybe the olys work great for you, but try it out.

Strength comes first. Unless you are already quite strong, get your squat, press, bench, and deadlift up first, and let the explosiveness take care of itself as you put 100# on your squat.
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