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Default Sickness and recovery

I have not been around for about five weeks. I've been lurking in the shadows but not contributing.

On Dec 16 I got a low grade fever and a little burning in my chest. The low grade fever went away in about four days but the burning turned into a wracking cough that has lasted five weeks. I went on anti-virals and then anti biotics.

It was not H1N1 nor the seasonal flu. Both of the doctors I visited, including the emergency care the day after Christmas, said that something is going around that is taking people six weeks to recover from.

During the holiday season I was around all of my family, about 16 in all, and I am the only one who has gotten sick. None of the doctors know what this stuff is. Any sort of physical activity sent me into coughing fits that lasted anywhere from one to three hours. I missed three weeks of work.

Until this past Wednesday night, today is Saturday, I was sleeping in a recliner as I was unable to lay down. If I even approached laying down I would go into a coughing frenzy.
Now I am managing bronchitis and asthma with a few different inhalers.

All of the progress I was making on my shoulder stopped because any movement at all sent me coughing (even little arm circles). So I am starting over with my shoulder. The ribs that were healing quickly un-knitted for the first three weeks of coughing.

Just yesterday I started working out again and managed a few reps of horizontal rows, dead hangs, very careful pushups, and toe touches.

Today I got on the treadmill, gawd I hate treadmills , and walked about a mile. It was all I could do. I am now able to walk up and down the gentle hill in front of the house without falling into 45 minutes of coughing. This is the same hill I used to sprint up and down with a #60 weighted vest.

I've lost about 10 scale pounds, but my belt is tighter. So I've lost muscle and gained a huge amount of fat. The majority of my calories have been codeine and cough drops. For whatever reason the cough drops really do help.

Any way, I'm glad to be back on board, and I won't be taking things like breathing for granted again...

Thanks for reading.
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