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Anton Emery
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I think that looks fine, my only thought would be perhaps take a whole day off. Or is the Sunday 1 hour yoga session light enough to be an off day?

I see on Sat you have endurance listed, like FGB, Murph, LSD, etc. To me those are all very different things, FGB or Murph would leave me very sore, whereas an LSD or Tempo run probably not so much. But thats just me.

I find S&C for BJJ or MMA to be a tricky thing. So many individual variables, depending on the person. I am an average blue belt. There are guys that come into the gym, big, strong, athletic dudes with backgrounds in other sports. Within a year they are giving me hell and can tap me. So i think, damn, i need to get bigger and stronger. Then I'll roll with someone of my own rank who just grapples all the time, tells me they don't lift weights or do much else. And they will maul me with superior technique and mat conditioning. So i guess there is no easy answer. I think each individual needs to look at their own game and analyze their strengths and weaknesses.

At the moment i am working out of Joel Jamieson's book, Ultimate MMA Conditioning. I am enjoying it so far, on week 3 of the first 8 week block, General Endurance. My resting heart rate was pretty high, so he suggests that as a good place to start, with two Aerobic workouts a week and one strength workout a week.

One thing i like about this book is that Joel has given some strength standards for MMA. Since he trained a ton of Pride Fighters at one point i am inclined to listen to what he has to say. He says a 1.5-2x BW squat, 2-2.5 BW Deadlift, 1.25-1.5 BW Bench, and 5-10 Pull Ups with 40-50 extra pounds of weight are good levels of general strength. Those are probably numbers that most of the folks here can easily attain.

I am interested to see how i feel on the mat as things progress.

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