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Originally Posted by henry whitaker View Post
I'm trying to use them to develop explosive power. Sure, I'd like to get good at them, but I don't think I can spend more than one or so days a week training C&J and Sn respectively and recover from everything else I'm doing. I've seen some Oly periodization templates on their own, but they seem to be for people who just pretty much care about increasing their oly totals.

What interested me about the template you proposed is that it seems like a way to periodize for the slow lifts while maintaining GPP, hopefully with the goal of making slow steady gains in strength, which is just fine with me. I was just asking whether you (or anyone else) had a suggestion for a template that will do that for the oly lifts too in the context of the type of program you propose. I am a recovering CrossFitter and trying to get away from the "do random workouts and hope it works" approach to training.
If you really suck at the lifts, do moderate intensity, high volume, e.g. doubles at 75-85%. If you're decent, you can ratchet up the intensity and mix singles and doubles. You'll just have to find a mix that works for you. Vary the intensity and vary the rest between lifts.

Not trying to duck the answer, but it's an individual thing. That's a big reason I do power cleans and snatches.
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