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Originally Posted by Daniel Schenck View Post
I tried 5/3/1 but found it actually took more out of me (I did the 4 day a week version, so maybe that's why), and the AMRAP made it hard to plan my training/progression. What I've been doing now is Texas Method, but keeping the volume days at 3x5 (rather than 5x5), and doing 5/3/1 on the heavy day (without the AMRAP of course). That saves me time on volume day and helps my recovery, too. I think it would be easy enough to throw some GPP in on the light day, or on a separate day.
There will be some tailoring at the intermediate level. I would hesitate to take the volume out of volume day, though on the Texas Method.

On my 531, I took the AMRAP out of week 2 on squats and deads (I may still change wk2 DL to rack pulls). I just do 3s and walk. I still get some benefit, and I recover better for the heavy week.
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