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Originally Posted by Lawrence "Bo" Boland III View Post
Haha, I know it. I tried making a "back extension machine" that was essentially a padded board that could lay across the pins of my rack so that I could do back extensions on it.

The thing is heavy and cumbersome, but I suppose does the job. Ended up spending like $70 on it. A little more and I could have gotten a real one, ha!
Again, a Craigslist example. I got a used hyperextension/Roman chair bench (that worked for GHD sit-ups too) off Craigslist for $50. Sure, it was brown vinyl and chrome, straight from the 70s, but it is bulletproof and works well, no labor on my part required!

Become one with the sporting goods section of Craigslist, your home gym will love you for it.

And I got my parents one of these, brand new, off Craigslist for $99 (retails for $400)...
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