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Originally Posted by Brian Stone View Post
Arden, that is some impressive training for the timbersports stuff. Out of curiosity, to maintain such a frenetic pace and duration, what kind of calories do you eat? Those workouts look absolutely painful!

Great work!
LOL. I eat about half what I used to. I would guess about 10 years ago, I ate about 6 to 7k calories a day. Now, I'd say I'm around 3,500 to 3,000 depending upon my level of activity for the day. If I'm event training, I normally eat a bit more than I would if I'm lifting. For the very reason you mention.

On competition days, I eat between 4,500 and 5,000.

I'm slowly becoming more paleo, but I still drink 3 to 4 protein shakes a day (a carryover from bb'ing days and reinforced by two recent bouts with the Velocity Diet). It's a necessity given my work as getting real meals is hard when I'm on the run. I am having a hard time giving up cheese, beans, and my one meal of heaven per week (pizza).

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