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You don't really need anything after a workout assuming you've eaten fairly recently (kinda vague, but a couple hours should fit the bill here) before the workout considering that digestion is an ongoing process and nutrients should still be present.

However, it certainly doesn't hurt. From my own experience, whole foods as much as possible, in balanced meals (roughly equivalent amounts of macros.. not Zone unless you like being constantly underfed) seems to be the most sustainable approach. High carbs can suck after a while, low carbs definitely sucks after a while, moderate everything seems to be real nice. Do that in whatever set up suits you best, although I would try and squeeze some calories in after your workout.

If you want to stay lean, eat in proportion to activity. If you want to put on a little meat and don't mind being less lean than before, eat more.

Don't sweat carbs so much. They are actually capable of helping you do good things in the gym. It's true, and assuming you don't eat too much total food you'll still have abz.
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