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Default Weightlifting Log

In the spirit of '70s big and the new year I have decided to log my training online. It was also suggested to me by my good friend so that he may keep an eye on my training. I just moved back to Basel, Switzerland after living in Edinburgh for 18 months. As little weightlifting there is in the UK there is 100 times the amount that goes on here. There is a crossfit gym here but I have yet to go there as I have been training at the uni gym as it's cheap, no bumpers so I have a good amount of eccentric movement training.

So without further ado here is my training plan as such and logs backdated to December. I will continue to update this regularly. My program was originally based heavily on Gant's hybrid when I did more crossfit type stuff. I have since ditched any metcon in order to get better at weightlifting and gain weight. Since then I have gone from 75kg to 84kg and plan on getting to about 100kg by summer and compete in either 105 or 94kg class. My program is now based on TM but with an increased volume load based on some stuff I read of Greg's and some old training articles by Starr. Yes it is a lot of volume but I have built up to this amount over several months. I am deliberately using HIGH volume in order to gain weight too.

It is also heavily strength focused, the reason being that I need to be stronger. Obvious but worth mentioning. Yes working on technique is good but at the end of the day getter stronger has made me make leaps and bounds in full lifts so that is the focus for now.

The volume differs somewhat week to week dependant on how I feel on the day. If I am doing well and feeling good I push it more, if I am tired, hungover or what ever then I hold back and do a bit less

My schedule has been highly erratic due to moving and travelling around but I have been able to make some progress despite this. I will hopefully make more consistent progress when my schedule settles down.

Mon: Heavy

SN work up to a max for the day and repeat for 5-10 singles, if necessary drop the weight to get quality single work.

BS 5x5, PP 6-10x3, RDL 5x10, Pull Ups BW 5x10

Weighted planks 3-5 sets, stretching, PNF and sometimes foam rolling.

Wed: Light - Med. Really depends on how I feel that day, I might just do a few P-sn and press then call it a day.

P-Sn, PC, 2 or 3 position snatch or clean, depends on how well I am recovered from Monday and what I feel like working on that day

Press 3x5, OHS 3x5 (usually 1st set with clean grip, rest with snatch grip)

BS work up to a heavy single, double or triple but not a max

Fri: Heavy

C&J work up to a max single for the day, repeat at that weight for 5-10 singles, drop weight if necessary.

FS 6-10x3, Bench 5x5, DL 5x5, Weighted Chins 5x5,

ab work of my choice for the day, preferably weighted sit up but sometimes HLR and L-Sits. A lot of the time the chins get either dropped totally or curbed as I'm pretty fucked after the DLs. Then more stretching.

I often take a cold bath either on the day or the day after training and every time I shower I have it as hot as I can stand then finish with it cold for as long as I can stand, three minutes or so usually.

So that is my program, log to follow. All weights are given in kg.

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