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James Bailey
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Default Monday 25.01.10

Weight 84kg in clothes, gaining...but...

SN 50x1, 60x1 felt pretty rubbish

BS 117.5x5x3

PP 60x5, 82.5x3

Press 60x5

Felt so bad during squats that I bailed after three sets and tried to press, that went really badly too so gave up. I think I have learnt a lesson from today, don't expect that after getting 10 hours sleep in total between Friday and Sunday then sleeping all day on Sunday that I will feel fine on Monday. I started work at a bar and finished work at 6am both days and then had after work drinks...not a good idea getting in at 9am. So I will rest up till Friday and hit it hard then curb my drinking at least over the weekend.
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