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I don't know, Steven.

I was talking to Dr. Wilson today, he's been looking into going into the fish oil business with some hoki oil (a fish from around New Zealand).

He says there is a ton of "Chinese" fish oil on the market that is really low quality, basically they can sell this stuff retail cheaper than he can get the hoki oil wholesale.

Algae oil is pretty much guaranteed clean, and it is algae where the fish get their fats from to make DHA/EPA (or they just eat it and store it).

I think the study on DHA and coagulation I posted a little while ago might have addressed the EPA & coagulation issue a tiny bit. Maybe not.

I'll look into the DHA ratio next time I'm doing the research. So many studies have shown positive effects of only DHA that I don't think this is much of a concern. I do, however, have my concerns for these people taking 15+ grams of fish oil a day, I do think that PUFAs (even fish oil) can definitely be overdone.
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