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January 26, 2010
IF = 16 hours

1. Warmup
jog -2:10
high knee march - 2 x 20 steps
butt kicks - 2 x 20 meters
lateral shuffle - 2 x 10 steps
cariocas - 2 x 8 steps
A skips - 2 x 10 steps
strides - 2 x 50m

2. Energy

100m @80% w/ focus on knee lift - 5 sets with 4 minute rest
600m walk
active assisted hamstring stretch - 3 sets of 6 reps

-Week 1 day 2
-Not a bad overall day although it would have been better if I could have done this at the track instead of my street. The university track was being used by the track team when I got there. D'oh!
-warmup - a good warmup although the 1 minute rests were killing me
-100m's - I tried to keep it at 80% although it wasn't easy and wasn't sure what it meant by focus on knee lift
-hamstring stretch - I felt the stretch more in my left leg than my right and my right hip started feeling tight near the last few 100's as well. hmm.... weird.
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