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Right now I am focusing on the basic progression for the planche, back & front lever, l-sit, and handstand. Before I tweaked my back earlier in december I was following M-T-TR-F schedule of 60 seconds of work for each movement followed with a FBE as outlined in the BTGB book. As the workouts progressed over the course of a month I felt as though my progress extremely slow. So I was wondering if there are other methods of effectivle alternating the movements.

For example, during my workout on monday I thought it would be a bit much to do 60 seconds of front lever prog. after being out of the gym for a month. So I did only 30.

So do you think it would be effective to perform each prog. doing only 30 seconds of total work as opposed to 60? Maybe adding an additional 5-10 seconds a week. So week one would be planche, the levers, l-sit 30 seconds of total work, then week two would be 35-40 seconds of work.

Also, at the occurence of my injury I had been following a baseline paleo/zone for a few weeks, I suspect that might of had an influence on the slow progress.

Hope this helps clear up my question.

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