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Default 2010 Another Strongman Odyssey

After a reasonably good intro to strongman last year and some solid gains in the basic lifts (until getting somewhat wiped out training wise by having to organise the world masters games weightlifting) I'm back into training and looking to maximise my results this year.

Some changes from last year include living only 2km from the gym now and not having to coach weightlifters 4 afternoons a week giving me a lot more flexibility and time to train.

Therefore the current plan is for 2 sessions, 4 days a week + event training on Saturday.

I've achieved one of my major goals which was to move from 95kg to a training weight of just over 105kg (currently 107kg / 235#) and now need to build strength without gaining too much more weight.

Current bests / 2010 goals

DL 253kg / 290kg+
BSQ 208kg / 240kg+
BP 132kg /160kg
MP 91kg / 110kg
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