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Originally Posted by Dave Van Skike View Post
True knowledges. I didn't say you have to run, you have to do speed work, this doesn't have to be brutal soul sucking journey into night (that woudl be cool but, no..) If you are a DE most of your runs are under 30 yards anyway. a couple bursts after your heavy day would be perfect.

Big thing for you is to work on is changes of position. Practice going from out if position, (all fours, on your back, kneeling)-into athletic position (up on balls of feet) into full sprint, this is functional agility.

Picture perfect fast jogging is not what a DE does, a DE scrambles, gets up quickly moves from bad positons to full sprint. work on lateral sprints, turning 180 degrees even sprinting backwards. This shoudl be fun, not suckful. You are not working on "running speed" as much as the initial acceleration. Best bang for the buck is to do a little with each workout, not to fatigue, this is not metcon. it's speed work.

You're already doing crossfit so you dont (shouldnt) need any more GPP . It should all be SPP now take your fittness and polish it into something fun, usefull, and most of all unsuckfull.
Find some good football drills and make those your work out. As a rule of thumb keep every work out snappy and finish each one feeling fresh as if you could do more. That will allow you to workout more often and recover more quickly.
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