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Default Hip mobility

I have had a plaguing issue with my left hip. I can't get it to externally rotate like my right hip does. One way I can really see this is when I lie flat on my back. I slide my left foot up to rest along the inside of my right knee, and attempt to get my knee to touch the ground. My right leg does this no problem. My left leg sticks way up in the air though. I then try to relax my muscles so that the knee slowly heads towards the floor. I always end up feeling pain when I do this though. The pain feels like the top of the femur is pinching something as it rotates. I also feel pain in either my gracilis or adductor muscles. It hurts really in that area when I try to raise my knee back off the ground.

The problem this is causing is with my squat. My right leg ends up in a deeper squat than my left. You can see it clearly in this video of my clean:

I have developed pain in my right IT band because of all the deep squatting I have been doing in this program. I know the hip is the problem, but I don't know how to rectify it. Any help would be appreciated.
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