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Originally Posted by Ari Kestler View Post
Thoughts on sipping BCAAs all day long on days when you don't have time to eat?

On days when I'm working 12s, either day or night I have time for maybe one meal. Can obviously drink here and there....

How many grams of BCAAs would I be looking to shoot for? As a % of lbm?

Anything to worry about?
Not sure there is an exact number....I throw in 10+g per gallon water...then eat plenty of protein otherwise. Poloquin will say 20-40g/day (that can get expensive!). Will also depend on how much protein you eat later on, as that daily number is the real factor. Don't sweat about needing it spread out all the time, look up "protein pulsing" it works fine for many. You may not go IFBB pro, but I'm assuming most on here are not.
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