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Originally Posted by Randy Gurley View Post
All right, let me start by saying that for years, I have followed the 5-7 meals so this is a big change for me. I get extreme hunger pangs and that is the main reason that I had to eat every couple of hours, and even one week into it, I have no energy level drop, but I still get the pangs, just not so often. I'm hoping the hunger will adapt soon.
I'm finding hunger is a more "learned" response for we train it to want foods at 8am, Noon, 5pm, etc. Your body can adapt....but also is may be saying "hey buddy, eat some more!". Knowing the difference between real hunger (like after a workout) and fake hunger (like after seeing a donut in the supermarket) is the key.

I am following the Leangains style of 16/8 and my ultimate goal is to change my eating times and to build some muscle. I'm 5'9", 168lbs with low muscle mass.
Seems like building muscle is your goal, focus on what matters for that....resistance training and eating. Your body needs building blocks for muscle afterall. You can do this while using IF, but you have to be realistic about how much food you really do eat in any eating window.

1)I searched this forum and found a post regarding being cold. I work in an office and found out that I am cold all day long whereas before I started the fast, I don't recall ever being cold all day. That and I get a bloodrush when I stand up quickly, but a google search said that both are common signs of fasting, is it not normal to be colder? I have Lugols liquid Iodine solution that I have been taking for months so I don't think I'm having Thyroid problems. What is the consensus on here?
Can happen, although most feel warmer upon refeeding. Could also just be too low calories in the first place.

2)Also, I have been drinking tea while at work, it's a habit I got into months before. There is a Chick-fil-a in the mall where I work and I usually get unsweeted with Splenda but I use a lot of Splenda and sometimes sugar. Do all liquids other than water affect break the fast or is it just any with calories? So the ultimate goal is to keep glycogen levels from refueling correct? Is coffee with Stevia okay?
Wouldn't sweat it.

3)After breaking the fast with a protien bar and oats at work, the last couple of days when I come home I have been going crazy with carbs. It's like an uncontrollable drive to stuff myself with them. Is that a sign that I need more of them in my diet? If I had to guess, I probably eat 100-150grams a day from oats, whole wheat breads, and 16grams in each of my protein bars(only 3g of sugar). I run 5-7 miles a day at 6mph, does that seriously deplete glycogen levels to the point where maybe I haven't been refueling my body back?
I'd say ditch the running, you don't need it if your goal is muscle mass. If you want conditioning do more sprint intervals. Eat more protein from real food sources such as whole eggs, meats (my latest kick is bison burgers from trader joes), fish/sardines. Add in whole milk if you want more calorie load, add in a scoop of slow digesting whey/casein protein with it to up the protein. Daily your goal on protein should be @150g (guessing that is your real lean body mass). You can have more if you like, but don't think excess protein means more your body only uses up so much, and then burns the rest off. The excess calories however may be required.

4)Last question, I have been searching other forums, mainly and Lyle Mcdonalds forums and the opnion on there is that any fasted exercise has no benefit on fat loss. The gym I attend is so full in the evening that I have been going at 5am but I've been hesitant after starting IF. It seems like the threads that I have read on here state that exercise while fasting is good. Opinions?
Thanks and sorry for the long post but of the four or five different forums I have been on recently, this one looks to be the more mature and levelheaded site.
For muscle gains, I would say get some BCAAs and sip on the pre-during morning workouts. Then you can also sip on BCAAs during the day if you like until you start eating real foods.

I can't guarantee you will go pro bodybuilding, but it is very realistic for you to add 15+lbs of real muscle (not just some glycogen-water pump) in a year. Be in it for the long run, stay consistent and results happen. People looking for quick fixes usually bail after 6-8 weeks and then wonder why they aren't gaining any muscle year after year.

PS. If you want more info on IF, you can download the free Intermittent Fasting ebook I wrote here as well.
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