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Originally Posted by Robb Wolf View Post
Too much fat can also...but it's tougher to over do fat in the absence of carbs.
I think the answer you are looking for is right there....if your carbs are waayyy low, then dietary fat really won't go against you.....but if your carbs are higher and your fat is high....well you are not going to lose weight. But in my humble opinion you still need to replenish glycogen to be functional....hence the PWO meal.

As far as hormonal responses...well that will depend on the type of fat it is...sat, unsat, monounsat, polyunsat, etc. Mono and Sat are supposed to increase T levels. Fish Oil of course helps everything. Too much Poly-Omega6 will increase inflammation which will also go against your fat loss efforts. Also fat loss is anti-catbolic, as if you are breaking down muscle tissue for energy, then you are not burning fat. So make sure you are not doing anything to promote excess Cortisol.
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