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Originally Posted by Brian Stone View Post
A few things on this that jumped out at me. Taking 1/2 hour to fall asleep is familiar territory for me for most of my life. That's 30 mins of a busy day that you're basically throwing away when it comes down to it. The following 2 things have been huge for me to fall asleep quickly:
1) Vitamin D3 supplementation every day (5,000-10,000 IU)
2) 500 mg Magnesium 30 mins before bed. Make sure not to take w/ anything that has calcium.
(Hat tip to Dr. G on #2 especially)

It looks like the mornings are the part of the day you're personally most suited to working out, so I'd start working on getting up a little earlier. Incidentally, this should also help you with getting to sleep sooner at night. Your schedule looks pretty full, so I'd say you're going to have to make a choice between all 8-10 hours a night in bed and some of that time spent working out. I can't say what the best balance for this is, as everyone's different, but unless you can con some extra time out of the office every day, this is the only area where it looks like you have some wiggle room.

In my view, especially with your lifestyle as it is now, you're probably doing yourself a disservice not eating lunch, unless you have a planned IF thing going on. Being an office hound myself and knowing how some days/weeks can go, I find that skipping meals frequently tends to contribute to my levels of stress, which bleeds into everything else. Your mileage may vary here, but at least you might try adding in some meat/veg/nuts for lunch for a while and see how other things are impacted.

Hope some of that helps.
Thanks for your suggestions Brian. Exactly! It's like 30 minutes of a busy day wasted just trying to fall asleep... annoying.

Yep already on the Vit D and magnesium, although I have to take the magnesium earlier than right before bed because it seems to disturb my sleep. I have thought of sleeping earlier and waking up earlier and have tried having the lights off at 9.30pm but have problems falling asleep so early. Have had sleep problems from adolescence and hoped that Natural Calm would be the answer but it didn't work.

Was thinking of doing some stairclimbing during lunch to get some activity in, get the blood flowing, perhaps relieve some stress. Maybe about 30 minutes in the office building, and then have a light meal after of maybe some eggs or fish broth.

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
What supplements are you on? I'm pretty sure you're on the D and fish oil already. What else?

What are you eating? Mostly Paleo? What are you having before sleep?
Yep Vit D 4000-8000 IU a day, and none if I go swimming.
Fish oil 4.1g EPA/DHA a day.
A Vit C tab 500mg sometimes.
Kelp 1000mg.
Alternate between zinc + B6 magnesium (5.7mg zinc; 25mg vit b6; 30mg magnesium) and 2 massively heaped tsp Natural Calm

I eat mom's cooking - meat, eggs, veg. She cooks with grapeseed oil and rice bran oil and with asian spices and sauces and stuff. Convenient but I should probably do my own cooking huh lol.

Before I sleep I have my day's worth of food and throw in all the supps.

Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
IF + long and Stress packed day = weight gain (esp stubborn fat areas)

You could cut back on the IF and just go the warrior diet way of small eating during the day and bigger meal at night (not overdoing on the calories of course). Might also want to try sipping BCAAs in water, may help curb cortisol while doing IF and during stressful times.

Seeing how the brain is a glucose hog, it's demands for energy during a long workday especially when stressed tax the whole body.

Of course sleep plays into that whole stress-recovery cycle of hormones as well.
Yeah I've been thinking about cutting back on the IF and wanted some confirmation from more knowledgeable people. It just makes me irritated lol becase I found out after some experimenting last year that steady state cardio after about an 18 hour fast hit my abdominal fat well, but this schedule doesn't allow me to do it.

Didn't know that about BCAAs MOD, thanks for the suggestion. I just thought it's usually used for recovery. What brand/kind/dosage should I get?
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