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Originally Posted by Alicia Zhuang View Post
Yeah I've been thinking about cutting back on the IF and wanted some confirmation from more knowledgeable people. It just makes me irritated lol becase I found out after some experimenting last year that steady state cardio after about an 18 hour fast hit my abdominal fat well, but this schedule doesn't allow me to do it.

Didn't know that about BCAAs MOD, thanks for the suggestion. I just thought it's usually used for recovery. What brand/kind/dosage should I get?
IF is great...but is not really meant for high stress living either sadly. Just how all the hormones play out. Women respond worse too when things go sour as your bodies are more wired for survival (the whole making babies thing) so it will switch to fat storing quicker than men.

The longer the fasts (esp after the 18hr mark), the more FFAs become available. So it works great if you can time it like that. Maybe you just switch to 1-2 longer fasts a week to try and get that benefit, without causing more fat-stress gain in the process. It does make more sense to do the "lifestyle cardio"/walking/NEPA later into a fast when you have a higher availability of FFAs to use.

Keep in mind, cortisol lifestyle management is a HUGE component to success along with resistance training (to keep muscle) and some calorie deficit (to enable stored fat to be burned). It's like a 3 legged stool, if they make those....take away a leg and don't expect to stay up that long! Hence why people need to focus less on cardio to burn fat and more on their lifestyle (and it's effects on what is going on inside).

For BCAAs, I'd just try 10g in water sipped during the day. Top brands I have used in the past (as recommended by someone in the supplement industry who knows his sh*t) is Xtend and Chained Out (he also mentioned the chained out had some cortisol blocking agent as idea on how true it is, but people seem to get good results with it). He converted me to using BCAAs more often and I have slowly converted him to eating less often (while still retaining muscle and getting lean) for both of us.
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