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Default Trap bar - Opinions?

I used a trap bar for the first time on Friday and then foolishly decided to try out Gary's half hour deadlift challenge with it.

What does everyone think about them that have used them?

As I'm not prepping for a PL meet Not a big deal to opt with the trap bar for a bit right?

I liked that the DL felt more natural with the trap bar.

I didn't like that if my hand position was the tiniest bit off that the whole bar would tilt, on one of my reps the thing tilted so bad that when I was lowering the DL I thought I was going to crush my toes.

Also the grip "bar" was very narrow much smaller in diameter than a regular bar, without my Lynx grips I felt like the bar was cutting into my hand.

Foot placement was a bit odd for me too as with a conventional DL you know where you place your feet relative to the bar. With the trap bar since you aren't as close to the bar a few times I found myself leaning a bit too much on one side or the other.
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