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Default quick update

It's a little soon for an update, but I set a PR in the split jerk today, 205 for 2, and in the one arm snatch, 85 lbs. for 3X3 per arm. I have not been as zealous in terms of poundage progression on the back squat, as I still need to focus on keeping my form together when the weights are above my comfort zone, but even that is coming together pretty well.

Some changes I will make to this program based on my experience so far are:

1. switch from day 1-sprint, day 2-lift, day 3-gymnastics, to 1-lift, 2-gymnastics, 3- sprint. Sprinting first has been hurting my lifting by making my legs tired.

2. add a little bit of rope skipping after the gymnastics day. I am a cardio addict, and can't bear to be away from it too long, so adding a little bit of skipping rope should allow me to get my fix without detracting much from my recovery. I also have been doing several minutes of rowing at the end of the lifting day, and one 400 or 800m run on the end of the sprinting day. Neither seems to be hurting my strength progress.

I have one more 4 day cycle of power-emphasis, then I get 4 easy days, then it's on to four 4-day cycles of metcon focus.
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