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Helmets and Pads bite!

From flat on my back to up and running is the most AWKWARD thing ever. So that's what I'll be doing for now on...

There's part of me saying, "Well, I just won't be flat on my back." But that's the drill I need.

Today I got down on my back, popped up and ran 30 yards twice for a warm up
Then I did 50X2 40X2 30X2 20X2 and 10X2 After the pair of 50 and 40 yard runs, getting up was definitely more strained and much harder. In fact, now at 6 or so hours later, my low back is TIRED! And I've got a really short torso so I'm not used to low back anything. I'm not sore at all, I just really feel like I worked.

Guess that's what I need though.

Thanks all, for your suggestions. I'm gonna stick with the getting up from my back and sprinting and working the 3 point stance stuff for another week or two and then I'll work on other stuff too.

Damned if this ain't hard! But I really like hitting people, so this I'll have to do.
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