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Ola Persson
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Default C2 W1 D1

Deload week turned into a complete week of rest due to moving. Even though this wasn't optimal – I tend to recover fast – it felt good to back off. My impression of the first cycle is easily summarized: this is fun. At the same time my sleep has improved and I have more energy in everyday life.

For the second training cycle my starting point increase is 2,5 kg for the bench press, front squat and military press and 5 kg for the deadlift. (Note: I use Wendler's first option when choosing percentages.) I will also add some weights when doing assistance work.

C2 W1 D1
Bench Press
5*60 kg
5*70 kg
14*77,5 kg

* Kroc rows, 1*24, 26 kg - meant to use 22 kg but weren’t paying attention at the rack
* Good morning, 3*25, 35 kg - 5 kg increase; this was actually quite heavy
My log.
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