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Allen thanks for the feedback. I need to figure out how to add more fat into my diet. I will research and post as I figure it out. I have started taking my fish oil again and have significantly upped my intake. I need to find some fish oil in liquid form I can take. My other thought is adding olive oil to my shakes.

Day 8 Tuesday

6:45 1/2 cell mass creatine
6:45 1 cup of kashi crunch with low fat milk, light yogurt
8:30 blue thunder mass recovery
9:45 4 oz ground turkey, broccoli
11:30 4 oz ground turkey, asparagus
1:30 chicken breast, spagettini, carrots
3:30 4 oz ground turkey, asparagus
5:30 started drinking 32 oz powerade
7:45 16 oz lo fat chocolate milk
9:00 something for dinner

5:00 5 X 6 Chinups I bought a dip and chin up station for my office. I figured that I would get in my chin ups before I got home so that I would only have to do the squats and presses. Didn't work out that way as my knee was too sore.

6:30 No-Gi BJJ
Great workout rolled half guard drill with Fabio and he rolled on my bad knee I went down and hurt really bad. Amazingly it doesn't hurt when rolling as long as I don't twist it. I rolled with 2 different guys and pulled off 6 submissions. I landed an omoplata, keylock, choke, armbar, keylock, and I think a rear naked choke. Unfortunately my knee doesn't feel good at all with any sideways movement. It looks like I am going to need to take a couple of days completely off to let my knee heal.
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