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Thanks for the advice everyone makes me feel loved

The past two days I woke up half an hour earlier to get half an hour more of exercise in and had my first meal (couple of boiled eggs) plus supps earlier in the day. Managed to get out for awhile during Monday lunch for a walk. Will see how that combination goes. A bit stressful going for a walk too lol because I'm in the central business district with other lawyers and bankers etc and among heaps HEAPS of stressed out people.

Keep in mind, cortisol lifestyle management is a HUGE component to success along with resistance training (to keep muscle) and some calorie deficit (to enable stored fat to be burned).
Uggggg I know... and I think I get stressed quite easily. Reminded me of this stress busting workout schedule by Berardi

Thanks for the BCAA recommendations MOD. What would you suggest if I was buying on iherb? Reason is that their $4 flat international makes purchases a good deal. Yeah I've been drinking black coffee every morning whether I do HIIT or steady state cardio. That's all the coffee I take for the day. Hmm maybe cut out the coffee on steady state days - is that necssary?

Hi Gittit! Good to hear from a female too
Robb Wolf: I'd throw my hat in with the bleached, de-nuded bagel. Live dangerously.
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