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James Bailey
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Default Tuesday 02.01.10

I skipped training on Monday as I was still fucked from the weekend and only managed to get 4 hours sleep on Sunday night, so I figured it would be a bit of a waste of time to train hard.

SN 50x1x3, 60x1, 65x1x2, 70x1x3 felt slow

SN Pull 80x3x2

BS 60x5, 90x5, 120x5x3, 117.5x5x2

PP 60x3, 85x3x5, 82.5x3x5 third set I basically dropped the bar on my throat, fell over and cleaned it back up to finish the set. It still hurts a bit but doesn't seem to be bruised.

RDL 95x10x5 dropped the weight on here as I felt tired and wanted to work on getting more ROM

Pull Ups BWx10x3, 8x2 Supersets with the RDLs

Plank 35kg 1minx2, 25kg 1.20
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