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Default Anyone read Ess. of Weightlifting & Strength Training" by Mohammed El-Hewie?

A client brought in this book for me to take a look at. I'm still going through it, but it's pretty interesting--guy's an Egyptian M.D., and the book covers everything from nutrition to sex ed. to controlling load and volume in training.

He talks about how Olympic Weightlifting is the basis of it all, and then people took the primary assistance exercises (Dead, Squat, and Bench) to create powerlifting. And then some took the peripheral assistance stuff (chest, shoulders, arms) and created bodybuilding.

Some of his views are different from the standard western view--sees little or no use for animal protein or fat--but the weightlifting and exercise stuff is very well done. Very detailed descriptions of what's going on during the lifts at a fairly detailed anatomical level, which muscles stabilize which joints, etc., and also gets into some fairly detailed programming.

Talks about how deadlifts are a partial range of motion lift that cause shortening and stiffness of the spinal muscles, and should be followed by overhead work to avoid this. (Notes that deadlifts are so-named because they do not reach shoulder level, and "die out" before the arms can sustain further elevation of the weight). Also mentions how aggressive, voluntary exercises are controlled by the pyramidal neural tract, but don't engage the extra-pyramidal tract, potentially leading to fine motor skill deterioration.

Oh, and he also really likes Good Mornings, including jumping good mornings. Cool photo of him doing one with 315#.

There's a lot of interesting stuff in there, anyway. Just wondered if anyone else had read it or had any opinions.
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