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Nick Hunter
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Doc says he expects full recovery! Looking at about 3 months with therapy he reckons. Shit, that's nothing to me anymore.

Still some sharp pain in the knee and still very weak. Only thing I can do with it is walk. Here's the history breakdown:

Cracks in kneecap and femur cartilage go to the bone.
Massive amounts of scar tissue buildup around fractures.
Pressure from activity creates pain from the nerves in the bone.
That sharp pain inhibits the quad, causing a shut-off.
Quad shut-off mid-cut in sport causes loss of knee stability.
Knee goes valgus, and ACL tears.
During ACL reconstruction patella mechanics are altered.
During ACL rehab, quadricep atrophies significantly.
With a very weak quad the kneecap sits much lower in the groove.
Inflammation and lower patella mean more frequent, harder contact between patella and femur.
Progress stalls.
*Scar tissues cut out, cartilage smoothed.
*Begin therapy to cease inflammation and strengthen quad.
*As quad strengthens, patella will rise in groove.
*Symptoms should dissipate.
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