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James Bailey
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Default Friday 05.02.10

C&J 80x1x2, 90x1, 95x1, 100x1x2(jerk fail) felt too slow today

FS 60x3, 90x3, 107.5x3x7, 105x3

Bench 60x4, 82.5x5x4, 80x5

DL 140x5x5, 170x1

Chins bw+20x3x5

OHS 60x5 (clean grip)

Today felt slow to start, Jerks went badly. Cleans were ok just a little slow on the 2nd pull. Everything else felt solid. Almost failed the last rep of set 7 in FS and set 4 in Bench so dropped the weight a bit to get the volume in. I felt pretty good after deads so tried for a 2xBW lift, it went up fine and felt good with that so left it there.
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