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James Bailey
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Default Monday 08.02.10

BW 86.7kg

SN 50x1x3, 60x1 way too slow and tired, left snatches there...

BS 60x5, 90x5, 122.5x5, 120x5 all of the sets felt far too heavy so left it.

PP 60x3, 87.5x1, 85x1, 80x1 was too tired by this point to continue

RDL 60x10 just to do some

I did better at not drinking so much after work this weekend, sort of, I only had a beer after work on Friday but got totally smashed on Saturday and slept all day Sunday. Almost literally. Slept from 10am to 6pm then 11pm to 11am Monday morning. Goal for this week, back off training volume, drink even less and get more sleep, go to the chiropractor as I haven't been even been sleeping well when I do sleep.

I've been too tired the past two weeks to even get any good oly lifting done, strength work is going ok, well things are going up anyway. Bodyweight is rising steadily and I hope to be up to 94+ in a few weeks. Just need to take a bit better care to rest and recover instead of party and get hammered...
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