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Billy Millar
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Off 2/6/10 - 2/8/10.

Tuesday, 2/9/10 - Back Squats:

45# x 10
135# x 5
185# x 5
205# x 5
215# x 6

C&J: Worked up to 125# x 2

Snatch: Worked up to 65# x 2

Going really light on weightlifting for now, don't have a coach, and just want to hammer form with som linear progression. The focus is still on building strength on the slow lifts, and the other lifts are just something that I'm practicing with the mindset of getting some good coaching in a couple of months and starting to attack with a greater level of intensity. For now, I'm just going to add a few lbs every other workout, as long as I don't start to throw up slop.
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