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James Bailey
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Default Wednesday 10.02.10

SN 50x1x3, 60x1, 65x1, 70xf

C&J 80x1, 90x1, 100xf

Press 60x5x3

OHS 75x1

BS 90x2, 110x2, 120x2, 130x1, 110x3

Felt a bit better today so decided to do a medium day, not too slow on the first snatches but the C&J suffered a lot after. Pressing was good, OHS was not, hence the single rep. BS felt slow but strong. I am going to the chiro tomorrow so I think I'll take a light day on Friday then see how I feel on Monday, if I'm still burned out then I will take a light week, drop everything to 85%ish of current working weights then hit it hard the following week...that is the plan anyway.
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