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Default BCAAs & Fat Loss

Aside from the website itself, this was an interesting bit of information that may help those who struggle with stagnation in their fat loss attempts

Stimulation of Leptin Expression through mTOR Activation in Adipocytes

Intake of leucine stimulates expression of the hormone leptin in adipocytes (the primary site of leptin secretion) through activation of the mTOR pathway (Meijer and Dubbelhuis, 2003). Leptin is a very complicated hormone; the gist of it is involved in the regulation of metabolism, body weight, and appetite.

Leptin secretion is linked with body fat levels; higher body fat is associated with higher leptin secretion and lower body fat is associated with lower leptin levels. When you diet and lose fat, the amount of leptin you secrete decreases, which makes your body "crave" food in an attempt to bring your body fat level back up to where the body is comfortable (known as the body fat "set point").

Leucine has the ability to activate leptin expression and will cause the body to think it is "fed" or receiving "adequate" calories, which will keep things running (specifically your metabolism) smoothly.

I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on the matter. It would seem that by keeping calories low and supplementng w/ extra BCAAs would help continue the fat loss process without that pesky Leptin getting in the way. I would assume this is why the V-Diet calls for extra Leucine supplementation in all their shakes throughout the day.

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