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Default Almost An Old Man Training Log

After a long time lurking on the CA site, I'm taking the plunge of keeping a training log here. I started with CF about 4 years ago, with great results for a relatively unconditioned trainee. Over the past 2 years, though, I've learned the hard way the effects of excessive metcon. As I've transitioned away from CF over the past year, I've developed some serious training ADD w/r/t strength/power. With that in mind, I'm going to stick with a 531 program similar to that posted on Robb Wolf's blog.

Age 38
BW 185 lb
BF unknown

Press 165
DL 415
HBBS 335
CJ 205
Snatch 140

Major goals: 2X BW BS, 2.5X BW DL, BW press, BW snatch and 100+kg CJ

Here's the template

Mon: Press 531, dip/pull-ups, short conditioning work
Tues: Snatch singles on the min X 10+min, DL 531, OHS DE work
Thurs: Incline BP 531, PP on the min X 10 min, BB row, short conditioning
Fri: BS 531, CJ singles on the min X 10+ min, FS DE work

We'll see how this goes, starting low and moving slow.
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