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Default Nitroglycerin to treat tendinosis/tendinopathies


Has anyone had any experiences with using transdermal nitroglycerin patches to treat tendon related injuries?

I had chronic knee pain (patellar tendonitis/tendinosis) for over a year, found out about these patches, and 2 weeks later my symptoms were gone (actually I feel like they started noticeably reducing the pain 24-48 hours after the start of patching, but 2 weeks is probably how long it took for their effect to taper off). I did utilize a full rehab routine as well, lots of stretching and foam rolling, but I would attribute 85% of my recovery to these patches.

A few months later, I developed medial epicondylitis about my right elbow. I did a full rehab for a while without much success, but once I patched the area, voila...!

General overview link: wfs

Now I am having shoulder issues (chronic), but the patches aren't working as well...probably because there are many layers of muscles in this region, and it's hard to patch directly over a tendon without muscles getting in the way.
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