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James Bailey
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Default Monday 15.02.10

BW 86.3kg down a little from last week, not surprising as I have not slept properly or eaten as much last week.

SN 50x3, 60x1x2, 65x1x2, 70xf, 60x1x5

BS 60x5, 90x5, 115x5x5 reset as I had an adjustment last Thursday, felt a bit odd squatting but strong enough

PP 60x3, 80x3, 82.5x3, 85x3x5, 80x3

RDL 60x10, 90x10, 95x10x2 these felt much better after my adjustment

Pull Ups BWx10x3

Weighted plank 25kg x 1:20x3

Felt much better today, tired, but not drinking at the weekend is a big improvement over the past few weeks.
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