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David Glass
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Default A little sick today

I've been having stomach problems for the past couple of days, which I attribute to drinking too much coffee and eating all that valentines day stuff (ice-cream, chocolates, etc)

I'm trying to meet deadlines at work, so I've had to put in some overtime. This has caused me to drift a bit from my diet, which may even be a good thing, but has also interfered with my workout schedule.

After a 2 day rest, having stomach problems and sleeping poorly, today I did

- 5 minutes on rower
- 3 rounds of 54 lb KB goblet squats and push-ups, then...

Heavy Fran
21-15-9 reps of
-115# Thrusters
-Deadhang Pull-ups

My PR this WOD was under 14:00 a month or so ago, but today I was in the 17:00 range. I was feeling weak all over.

Then I decided to do 5 Km on the rower. I barely did one mile and had to run to the bathroom... alas, there are good days and bad days
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