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Originally Posted by Howell Hsieh View Post
One more thing about the NO patches that gives you an idea of just how underdeveloped the treatment is: The patches are actually intended for angina patients, basically people who have clogged hearts and need the help of NO to open up blood vessels. So these are readily available at your local pharmacist, and you basically cut them up into quarters to lower the dosage. IMO neither the dosage nor the application (topical cream may work better?) has been optimized. The thing is that you do need a prescription.
A little more accurately, the main role of nitro in angina (and actually in MI, aka a heart attack) is to reduce preload -- less blood entering the heart, therefore less work that the heart needs to do, therefore less oxygen it has to burn.

Per the issue of deeper problems, I suppose it's theoretically possible to use intramuscular injection at the site; nitro can be given IM as far as I know. Doesn't seem like it'd really have the same long-duration effect though.
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