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Ola Persson
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Default C2 W3 D1

Originally Posted by Ola Persson View Post
...every time Iíve been DL:ing my back seems to improve...
Smugness equals setback; lower back have been stiff the last days. Don't know if it's caused by DL:ing or stress/posture/something else.

C2 W3 D1
Bench Press
5*70 kg
3*77,5 kg
8*87,5 kg

* One Arm DB Bench Press, 3*10, 24 kg
* PU, 3*max (10/6/4)
* L-Sit, aggregate 1 min

Shitty session during lunch. Lack of sleep didn't help. Still, I will be paying extra attention to my BP numbers since my progress is much slower compared to the SP and FS. Last week I added the one arm DB bench press to increase the work volume and hopefully that will help.
My log.
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