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Default Choice of dimensions for building Lifting Platform?

I have a similar thread over on, but I figured I'd get the opinions from the real Oly lifters...

I am building a platform in my basement next week, and I'm looking to get supplies soon. From the research I've done, I've heard that a 4ft center piece is too big.

I'm thinking that 3'6" is plenty large, but what I'm wondering is what about the rest of the platform? The only stall mats I have available to me are 4'x6', which can result in the following configurations:

- 2'x6' Rubber + 3'6"x6' Wood + 2'x6' Rubber = Total Width 7'6, Total Length 6'.
- 2-3'x4' Rubber + 3'6"x8' Wood + 2-3'x4' Rubber = Total Width 9'6", Total Length 8'.

Is the first option wide enough for a bar to actually land in the rubber pieces? I don't think it really matters to me if the bar hits the wood, the 4' center piece just seems like theres no room for error when dropping it.

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