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Steve Shafley
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I used the 1.5 pood or 24 kg for the entire thing, including the 10x3 of Sotts.

I started with the 32kg, but 1 rep was tough, and the second rep usually missed due to stability issues and the kb spiraling around my arm.

Based on this workout, the problem areas revealed:

-Exceedingly poor L-sit strength. Think 5 second holds of a shitty L-sit
-Unstable in heavier kb Sotts presses...this can be fixed with frequency, and probably on a fairly quick basis.
-Lack of conditioning in whatever energy system the conditioning work was supposed to draw on.
-Because I was sucking wind so hard, that there were times I just put the kb down and breathed...basically a candyass move that I wouldn't have done if someone was there, but since I was alone, I took the easy way out.
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