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Originally Posted by Scott Kustes View Post
Okay, we can quote studies all day long. The pertinent question...what does all of that means in regards to actually building a training plan? How does one take a great short sprinter and take him/her from a good 400m runner to a great one?
From all that I've read I came to three conclusions:

1. Significant amounts of pure sprinting/heavy lifting/plyo
2. anaerobic intervals aimed at lactate threshold
3. Some form of aerobic work such as Clyde Hart's "slow 200m intervals" building up to faster ones over the season.

Speed/strength/plyo obviously is paramount, and most people use intervals.... but considering that 400/800 is basically a hybrid of sprint/endurance and there is a significant "aerobic" component there must be some sort of aerobic work stashed in there (and anaerobic intervals do not necessarily count as such).

I haven't really kept up with current 400/800m runners in a bit, but it seems like most of them are lacking the speed reverse (aka they need to work on getting faster).

Bolt is obviously coming from the opposite perspective, so he needs to build up lac threshold and aerobic base some then he will dominant because he has such as huge speed reserve.

That's my take at least... I dunno maybe you have a different approach?
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