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1. Whenever it says L-Sits do Tuck-Sits (pull your knees to your chest), press down with your shoulders.

2. Your right put a bit of practice into the Sotts press and you'll have it in your arsenal with little effort.

3. Steve,
you've got to think more about work rest intervals. That candy ass move can be a life saving skill when it gets down to the nitty gritty. I'm always harping on my athletes about it because everyone just wants to bash through in a single effort not realizing that they are screwing themselves in the end. In fact I've got three guys whom after only a couple of months I can throw any of the benchmark girls at and they will churn out a really good time without any warning because they've been willing to "put the bar down".

Most people who teach this shit you wont see walk up to their athlete mid set when they are doing fine and tell them to stop and drop. You're ex military right? Unless I'm mistaken. You should understand that the ability/willingness to stop/pause reassess a situation/bearings and carry on can mean mission completion or failure, life or death and plays directly into work capacity or mean power output... Why doesn't anybody teach this shit?
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