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Been some time...

I am in the final stretch of the BW component of the program. Unfortunately I have suffered a minor calf strain - the timing uscks, as my lunchtime soccer season is just beginning.

I had noticed my calves tightening up over a while but didn't do anything about it. I suspect that the 1-leg wall squats have something to do with it - it's an intense isometric exercise, and a clear indicator of progress, as I couldn't even complete by 5 x 5 second holds the first time I tried, can now do 2 x 5 x 10 seconds.

I have simplified my goals, - I will concentrate on reaching my basic strength benchmarks, and then worry about my bodyfat (which is reasonably stable anyhow).

Given that I'm doing BW and concentrating on quality rather than just putting up weights progress is a little harder to gauge, but I feel things are going well. I had a lot less PWO soreness after my first soccer match than I usually do, which I will take as a positive. It will be good to get back to weights though and measure where I am at.

I'm also working with the paleo-diet for athletes as the basis for eating (with a few too many cheats thrown in). I'm finding it liberating not worrying about portion sizes, allowing myself plenty of fruit and good PWO nutrition. I'm finding it easier to train and recover (work allowing), and my appetite seems more stable (less of my cheat meals are massive blow outs and less craving for cheaty meals).

I'll look to get some accupuncture or trigger point for the sore calf, and once it feels a little better I'll try up the stretching...
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