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To answer your question about upper body hypertrophy with 5/3/1 I know Wendler likes the boring but big approach which I'm starting to incorporate this cycle but in the past I couldn't even get past the first week because of the boredom factor!

You can either try to do all vertical push pull one day or split it up, i prefer splitting it up.

military press day - pullups(for volume, 10+ sets of 3), db incline bench(4sets x 8+ reps aiming for slower reps on the bench, to get more TUT), Kroc rows are well kroc rows 1 warmup, 1 working set, 2 if I'm feeling super motivated, arms work

bench day - cable rows aiming for slower reps (4+sets x 8+ reps), I was really digging the Diesel crew shoulder routine on my bench day last year (8 db presses, 8 rear flyes, 8 dive bomber pushups x 3-4 times), now that I think about it I might throw it back in now. pullups (AMRAP's 1-2 sets), arm work.

Right now I'm doing that Unconventional Bicep workout from Nick Tummiello's T-nation article, just giving it a 1 month focus and next month I'll give his triceps article a try, I've done 2 days so far and they were pretty interesting, surprisingly hard. I'll be fair and say that when I originally read the bicep article a while ago I thought it was kind of BS and thought it was stupid. That triceps article recently came out and after Derek S. said he tried one of the workouts I went back and reread the article and the bicep article. That 60/30 thing with the band was killer last week.
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